Bee Craft

Bumble Bee Craft

I’m a sucker for nature craft at the moment and Miss Possum is really interested in bees. So, what did we make yesterday? We made bumble bees using items we took from nature! Make these Bumble Bees What you’ll need: Gumnuts Casuarina seed pods Dry leaves Paint (yellow, black and white)  A good craft glue […]

How to Climb a tree

Nature Play: Tree Climbing School

Every child should be able to climb a tree, right? Sometimes, it’s not that easy for children to try something new if they are nervous about their surroundings or aren’t physically confident.  I have a child who loves nature but no amount of gentle encouragement from me could get her trying to climb a tree. […]

Nature Craft: Painting Patterns using Nature

Painting Patterns using Nature

We’ve made lots of lovely nature crafts lately and our crafting doesn’t cost us a lot because all our craft accessories are easily accessible outside. You’re not limited by your craft accessories either because nature can be used in a variety of ways. All you have to do is go outside for a little nature hunt. […]

Frog yoga pose

Animal Yoga for Kids

I was first introduced to animal yoga by KarmaKids Grow who came to our wildlife park to add a little extra fun to our wildlife holiday program. The children on the holiday program loved the activity  and continued to do the poses throughout the day. My girls and I weren’t sure what to do yesterday […]

Egg Candling Activity

Egg Candling Surprise

Did you know that there’s a way to check if an egg is fertile or not? It’s called egg candling and although animal keepers rarely use a candle to check the fertility of eggs these days, it’s fascinating to watch. Instead of a candle, keepers usually use a special torch that allows you to see […]

Animal Sand Play in Three Fun Ways

Animal Sand Play in Three Fun Ways

We’ve been playing with sand a lot lately and it’s been really enjoyable to watch how the girls interact with it. Sitting outside is always a must when there is sand involved (trust me!) We took out our place mats, grabbed some of our coloured sand and created three fun ways to play. Sometimes the […]

Wildlife Rescue Kit for EVERY car

The Wildlife Rescue Kit for every Car!

I was driving  to a friend’s place late one evening, enjoying the empty roads that night driving brings when from the corner of my eye I notice a possum running full speed toward my car. He was so close that I didn’t have time to slow down. After feeling a slight tap on the wheels […]

10 Wildlife Art Gallery Activities

Ten Wildlife Art Gallery Activities

Visiting a wildlife Art Gallery or exhibition is a wonderful way to get your children out of the house and enjoying an activity they wouldn’t usually explore. It’s another wonderful way to learn about wildlife and their habitats too. Miss Possum enjoys drawing, painting and also loves wildlife so visiting an art gallery was a […]

DIY Coloured Sand in a Bottle

DIY Coloured Sand in a Bottle

We’ve been having so much fun with coloured sand lately. If you haven’t seen how easy it is to make coloured sand,  you can find the instructions here. Since seeing the man at the market making bottled sand, I couldn’t wait to let the girls experiment with patterns and colour contrasts all on their own. […]

Easy Animal Dot Painting

Animal Dot Painting

This is such an easy and relaxing craft to do with your children. You only need a few items, most of which are readily available around your home. I’m also a big advocate for playing and creating with nature and adding, just a stick, will bring that natural element to this simple animal craft. What you’ll […]

Make your own coloured Sand

How to make Coloured Sand

While exploring on our camping holiday a couple of weeks ago, we found on a quaint little market. There sat a man allowing children to fill a bottle of coloured sand for a small price. I let Miss Possum make one while I kept the twins busy.  I didn’t think  he’d be impressed with the […]

Butterfly Craft

Recycled Puzzle Piece Animals

Don’t throw away those puzzles with missing pieces just yet.  Recycle them instead!  Use the remaining pieces in a craft activity by making them into different types of animals. It’s so easy to set up, yet it really challenges your child (and yourself) to think creatively. Miss Possum was much better at creating animals using […]

Kangaroo joey Puppet Play printable

Kangaroo & Joey Puppet Play Set

Finally I’ve added a kangaroo post to WF4K. I’m not sure why it took me two years but in light of Australia day coming up on Sunday it couldn’t come at a better time. Kangaroos are very Australian. My children are really into pretend play at the moment, so it seemed only fitting to provide […]