Wildlife Movement Dice: Draw out your Inner Animal

Moving or making sounds like an animal is something our family does daily. If it’s not my husband jumping around scratching himself like a monkey, it’s me imitating any animal noise I hear outside.  But, if you’re not a crazy animal-mad person like me, it might be harder for you to draw out your inner animal. So, here’s a free downloadable Wildlife Movement Dice just for you and the kids!

Wildlife Movement activityTemplate Instructions:

Click here to download the Wildlife Movement Dice.

      1. Print the template on thicker than average paper (100% recycled paper if possible).
      2. Cut the template out
      3. Bend all the tabs and lines to make construction easier
      4. Glue it together to make the wildlife dice.

Game Instructions:

      1.  Decide on whether you will imitate movement, sound or both.
      2. Let your child throw the dice.
      3. Imitate the animal it falls on.

Some examples in the table below:





On all fours (arms and legs), hop around the room. Ribbit, croak or imitate a frog sound you’ve heard.


Make a beak with one hand in front of your mouth; make a tail with one hand coming from your bottom. Strut around the room as emus do. It’s generally a low hmmmm sound. If you’re really good you can make the hmmm vibrate slightly.


You can imitate a flying cockatoo by putting you arms out and flapping, or make one arm fly and the use your other hand as the crest on top of your head. They have a loud screeching call. Craaaaak!


This one is easy! You can yawn and fall asleep (remember they sleep in a tree, so no curling up on the floor) or you can also pretend to climb the tree or eat gum leaves. This is a hard one. Koalas bellow. The best way to describe it is that they sound like a grunting pig. The experts make a koala sound by breathing in, not out. Give it a try! You can now learn here!


Hands flat together, out in front of you with finger tips pointing away. Move from side to side, imitating the fluid movements they make. Sssssssssss!


Hop high and hop proud with two paws out in front of you. Kangaroos don’t make much noise, except when they are cranky with another kangaroo. It almost sounds like a humpf! The only other sound they tend to make sounds like grinding their teeth. A skippy-like flick of the tongue will suffice.

Update: You can now learn to bellow like a koala. Try it!

Here’s some Top Wildlife Songs to extend on moving like animals!

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  1. Grace Titioka says

    Very cool ! Making a Hmmmm sound for an emu ? Grunting like a pig for a koala ?
    Who would’ve thought ! Looks like I’d be getting more of an education from this game than my boys :-)

  2. says

    Hi Penny! Thank you for your great resources. We have recently used the wildlife dice (which I have just blogged about) and am now printing the Bilby mask. My three year old is being an Emu everywhere, yes we are getting some very interesting looks! Thanks again, I cannot wait to see what you publish next.

  3. pawhitehouse says

    Thanks so much Kylie. I’m so happy that your little boy loves it. The photos on your site are just adorable! I love the emu impression. How fantastic is he! Thanks so much for mentioning me o your website. I’m hoping I have a bit more time to look around this afternoon. It looks great.

  4. says

    Love this! I may have to borrow this idea and take it outside with my kiddos this week. They will go crazy for this. Thanks so much for connecting with me on Facebook. So glad to have your site as another resource for great activities for my girls. Pinned this, facebooked it and tweeted it!! Love it!

  5. Silvia says

    Hello! I´ve just found your website, it´s amazing and loveable! Thank you very much for sharing your ideas. It´s great to encourage kids to love nature. Congratulations and greetings from Mexico


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