Puppet Play – Australian Animals

Animal finger puppets koalaIn my wildlife movement dice post, I mentioned how fun it can be for children to pretend they are animals. Because that post was so popular, I thought I’d create another similar activity. Below you will find part one of my animal puppet series.

These puppets should predominately be used for unstructured play but they can also be help to encourage discussion on Australian animals, predator-prey relationships and facts about each species. Here are a few educational dialogue examples that you can use while role-playing with your child.

Click to download puppets

 Bookbook Owl

  • I’m a bird of prey, look at my huge talons.
  • I’m going to get some dinner. What shall I eat tonight? Possum, lizard, or I might just eat some insects flying on the wing.
  •  I’m not like all the other owls. I’m crepuscular; I fly around at dawn and dusk.


  • I’m not a mouse! I’m a marsupial. I have a pouch!
  • I’m hungry, I’m off to eat some lizards and insects.


  • I’m a marsupial. I have a pouch.
  • Numm numm numm, Eucalyptus leaves are tasty!
  • It’s daytime? I’m tired. *yawn*

You might also want to learn to bellow like a koala.

Green Tree Python

    • I don’t kill my food with poison, I grab hold of ‘em, wrap my body around ‘em and then constrict ‘em.
    • I eat my food whole. I don’t chew.
    • I’m going to laze in the sun. I can only get warm that way. I’m cold-blooded ya-know!
    •  I’m a reptile. Ssssssss!

Stay tuned, there are more native and exotic animal puppets on the way.

Would you like more print outs like these? Is there another wildlife-related printable you would like to see made and posted on Wildlife Fun 4 Kids?

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  1. kirri says

    You are so artistically inclined and creative. I’m allowed to be a little envious right? Really beautiful work Penny. I know my girls are going to love playing with your finger puppets this weekend!

  2. Grace Titioka says

    So cool ! My boys have just started getting into puppets so this will be awesome for them. Are ya gonna do any pythons ??? :)

  3. Susan Stephenson says

    And can we have a farmyard edition? I’ve wanted chooks for the longest time and figure a finger puppet is as close as I’ll get!

    • pawhitehouse says

      LOL. I don’t mind making that set for your blog readers if you want me to. Chickens would be fun to create!


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