Wildlife Activity Ideas for Extended Holiday Fun

I’ve been on a blogging break over the holiday period, which went on a little longer than anticipated!  That doesn’t mean I’ve had a break from wildlife experiences. I can’t help but get into nature everywhere I go.  Our family took part in many unplanned wildlife activities and learnt that spontaneous moments can be just as memorable as the planned ones.

So here are a few of the stumbled-upon wildlife activities of our holidays:

The zoo – A perfect way of entertaining the kidlets is to take them to a wildlife-rich environment. The kangaroos are always the biggest hit and I suspect it’s because it’s more hands-on than most displays.  

Growing sunflowers- You should have seen the insects that were attracted to our flowers! We found lady beetles, two different types of grass hopper, native bees and honey bees, spiders and aphids. The sunflowers were just beautiful too

Spotlighting – While out for dinner at the neighbours, we went for a random spotlight around the backyard with all the kids.  We found spiders, geckos and even a praying mantis! Get out those torches and gave a go yourselves.

Wildlife Books- I started reading Charlotte’s Web (Miss Possum’s first chapter book) which is perfect for learning about and building a positive relationship with spiders! We also read books like the Fox and Fine Feathers, Hello Baby, Puggles Problem and more.

Baby Spider Love.  While about to put the now one-year-olds in the bath, we found a tiny little jumping spider crawling up the wall. They were transfixed.   Squeak can now say “spider” and we’ve been reading books about spiders in the last couple of days. I love spiders and I’m so glad they do too.

Raising tadpoles – This was the highlight of our wildlife experiences over the Christmas period. I will save this for a later post but I think everyone should raise tadpoles at some stage in their life! So. Much. Fun!

Sea monkey suprise – Yep, we still have two left. We’ve had the weird but mesmerising creatures since September 2011. Most of them died but one boy survived. Then, half way through the holidays we noticed another one! (Another boy unfortunately). Miss Possum learnt something new, that we need a boy and a girl to get more baby sea monkeys. Now I’m waiting for the other cheeky questions to start. Eeep!

Yummy Wildlife Treats- Last but not least, we made Wildlife pikelets again. This time the neighbour’s children devoured the snails and butterflies. Yum, they are always a hit!

So, although I’ve had a rather long break from the blog, and I’m sorry it’s been this long, we have still had many meaningful wildlife experiences to share with you all.

Did you have any wildlife experiences over the holiday period?!

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  1. says

    Does the gecko in my sneaker this morning count as a wildlife experience? I didn’t know it was there until my shoe was on and done up. I tell you, when I felt something moving at my toes I couldn’t get it off fast enough! – I then through it at my husband and asked him to “please tell me what is in my shoe?!” There was a big shiver of relief when it wasn’t a spider (irrational phobia here).

    • pawhitehouse says

      Hahaha! That’s hilarious Kate! Lucky it wasn’t a scorpian on a snake. Geckos are good.

      Yes! That does count as a wildlife experience for sure!

  2. kirri says

    Yup! We raised and somehow managed to kill off all our sea-monkeys and my 7yo has taken to tree frogs big time. She held one for the first time and then chased me around the house with it, pleading with me to pat it. No thanks :)

    PS – Great to have you back

    • pawhitehouse says

      Poor Sea-monkeys! It’s okay last time I had them they didn’t last this long. I wonder why they don’t. Most people I’ve met tell me theirs didn’t last long either. Never mind, it’s still a great experience.

      As for your daughter chasing you with a frog, I love it! :) I can imagine that! She has wet her hands right? Sorry, had to ask. It’s the education officer coming out of me.

      • kirri says

        Yeah – we had friends over for dinner at the time and mate Brett told her to wet her hands (and chase me!!)….whats the reason behind that?

        • pawhitehouse says

          Hmm beacuse you bite! I’ll chase you with some kinda animal when we go to Melbourne shall I? Joking! At least you know I’ll rid our room of a spider if there’s one there! :)

  3. Grace says

    We’ve been to the zoo TWICE this summer ! You would be proud :) I have a special post that’s in the works. So great to see you back !!! x

    • pawhitehouse says

      I’m very proud of you Gracie. Must say it’s sad not to see the comment luv below. Can;t wait till you’re up and running again!

  4. says

    Our family went to New Zealand, where we had a terrific time seeing seals, penguins, dolphins and all the weird and wonderful Mauri-named birds (such as kea, kiwi, pukeko, takahe, kakapo and tui). There is even an owl called a “morepork”! (named after its call). For us, the highlight was seeing a kiwi being fed in a nocturnal house of a nature park. It was bouncing around like a puppy – a most surprising behaviour for a bird!

    Glad you’re back.


    • pawhitehouse says

      Wow! That sounds amazing. I’m just a tiny bit jealous. Okay, I’ll admit I’m VERY jealous.

      Love the Morepork bird. I’m off to google it. How funny!

  5. Susan Stephenson says

    We’ve been rescuing frogs from our pool and wondering why birds don’t seem to eat dying worms. The ones that are left on the road after big flooding rains seem to be ignored by our feathered friends. Any thoughts, Pen?

  6. says

    It’s amazing how you took the spider web shot. The beauty of nature can show more than it could convey. I hope I can do this too. I’m looking forward for the coming holidays.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Jade Tan

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