Fauna Foot Friday: It’s Time to Meet Kangaroo Feet

Kangaroo Fleeting Foot Facts

  • Kangaroos are a part of the macropod family. Macropod means big feet, perfect right?
  • The front limbs of a red kangaroo are small and short with five heavily clawed digits (fingers).
  • Kangaroos are flight animals, meaning they are more likely to hop away than turn and attack. They use their powerful legs and feet to escape predators.
  • Male kangaroos use their legs and feet to defend themselves and fight for females.  Standing up on their hind limbs, they attempt to push their opponent off-balance by jabbing him or locking forearms.
  •  If the fight escalates, they will begin to kick each other. Using their tail to support their weight, kangaroos deliver kicks around the sensitive belly area with their powerful back legs.
  • The Red Kangaroo can travel at speeds as fast as 65kph (40mph).
  • The red kangaroo can jump six feet (1.8 meters high).
  • The hind foot of the kangaroo is long and narrow with 4 digits (digit I is absent). Digits II and III are extremely slender and delicate, together forming what is essentially a single functional toe; digit IV is the large, weight-bearing digit; and digit V, the most lateral, is slightly smaller than digit IV. Ivis.org (sighted 5th May 2012)

This is a great You Tube clip of kangaroos using their hands and feet for fighting.


This You Tube clip shows a perfect close up of their feet. Watch them hop!


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  1. Acel Tolentino says

    Wow! Those Kangaroo feet reminds me of my grandmother’s hair brush but it’s kinda interesting. I took lots of photos of them when I visited Australia but only from a distance and I never got to see their foot. Are male and female Kangaroo feet the same by the way?

    Thanks for the infos!

    • pawhitehouse says

      Hi Acel,

      Yes male and female feet are the same but females are quite a bit smaller than males so their feet are smaller too. Thanks so much for dropping by!

      • Amelia Brown says

        I had no idea that kangaroo feet look that way. On my trip to Australia I will make sure that I get to have a closer view of them.

  2. Frederick Koby says

    The innocent Animal Kangaroo, a surprise of god. Really it’s poetical dancing walk is mind blowing. It’s back feet is big and very strong. They fights like wrestler which is very enjoyable.

  3. Crystal says

    I want to see those kangaroo I haven’t go in Australia..I t looks like good to visit..Thanks for sharing with us..

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