Happy Birthday Wildlife Fun 4 Kids

It’s Wildlife Fun 4 Kids first Birthday and I’m giving a present to one of you to say thank you for your support! But before the giveaway begins, here’s a quick look back at our most popular posts from the last year.

Wildlife Review: Build your wild Self

A great website that allows children to build their wild selves. What more could a child want?! It’s educational too! Read more



Wildlife Movement Dice: Draw Out your inner Animal

Here’s a free printable dice to draw out your inner animal! Jump like a frog, bellow like a koala, slither like a snake… Read more


Wildlife Footprint Fun in Five Ways

Children love finding and guessing animal footprints. When you hunt for them you can’t always find them either, especially if you live in the city. So, I’ve made five footprint printables with some suggested activities. Read More

Puppet Play – Australian Animals

Encourage children to play the animal with these free Australian animal finger puppets – part one. Read More

Ditch the Bread and Make Gourmet Wild Duck Food instead!

Feed wild ducks something nutritious. A recipe for healthy duck food. Ditch the bread! Read more

Celebrate National Bilby Day with Ten Activities for Kids

National Bilby Day is held annually on the 11th September. Why not celebrate it using all theses fun ideas. A FREE bilby mask included! Read more



There’s a Sea in my Playroom

Miss Possum decided we would make our play-room into an ocean and so started a month-long process of planning, creating, and pretending. You don’t always need to go outside to experience an animal habitat. Read more

What’s Slimy, Tiny and Glows out its Hiney?

A great  out-of-doors activity to get you experiencing a little critter that glows out of its bottom! Read more


Koala Bear, What? A Bear I’m Not!

Who would have thought people would be so interested in learning about a koala foot in the Fauna Foot Friday category? Koala feet are pretty adorable though! Read more


Free Frog Mask for Save the Frog Day

Here’s a free frog mask, made to accompany a guest post at The Book Chook with some wonderful tips on how we can save frogs. Read more



Congratulations Kay Steele.  You’re the winner of the wildlife pack!


1 x Steve Parish Nature Watch: Things to make and Do Activity Book

1 x  50cm wooden snake*

1x Pop eyed Tasmanian Devil Pencil

1 x Wild Republic Binoculars

1 x Adorable owl plush

1 x Lorikeet notebook

2 x Steve Parish Bookmarks

This giveaway is now closed.

Step 1: You need to be a Wildlife Fun 4 Kids follower either on Facebook, Twitter or RSS subscriber.

Step 2:  Answer this question in the comment section.

What’s one activity you’ve done this year, with your child/children, to encourage wildlife appreciation?

Give­away Terms & Con­di­tions

*The give­away runs from 29-7-2012 to 10-8-2012 11:59pm
*The win­ner will be selected at random
*1 entry per per­son, per family
*You must com­ment to be in the run­ning to win
*To com­ment, we require your email address. It is only used to con­tact you should you win, so please email with confidence. Your email will remain private.
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*The winner will be announced on WF4K and notified by email
* Giveaway is open to all however some items may not pass quarantine in some countries. The winner will not be compensated for any items that cannot be taken out of the country. 

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  1. says

    Wow, there is so much ‘goodness here! – both the favourite posts AND the prize pack! Well, Indi is still in the early stages of her Wildlife discovery (she’s nearly 18months old). Our major focus has been learning the animals and insects and the sounds that they make. She can tell me what a snake says (‘Sssss’), a lizard says (she sticks her tongue in and out really fast – quite cute), she recognises frogs (and according to her they say the same as a lizard…perhaps she’s catching flies…), we’re attempting to say catapillar (just to prove someone wrong!) and she has in the last week developed an attachment to her toy kangaroo which she bounces up and down :) Mummy has also made a HUGE attempt to not freak out when she sees a spider so that Indi doesn’t use this as a social context for her discovery of them (although if she ever brings me one I don’t think I’ll be able to stop myself). Oh, and does her bringing me dog poo count for points?! ♥

  2. Mary Preston says

    We’ve been planting native trees & shrubs. The perfect opportunity to talk about Australian wildlife & habitats.

    If the Rainbow Lorikeets have there own trees maybe they will stop eating the grapes off the vines.

  3. says

    Has it really been a year ??? Wowsers!
    We’ve joined up as Friends of Taronga Zoo (i.e. signed up for annual family membership) and it’s always a joy taking the twinlets to check out all the animals.
    We just went to the park yesterday and checked out some ducks. I thought of you and your Gourmet Wild Duck Food post. See the influence you’re leaving behind ? :)

  4. Kathy Phillips says

    Wow! Great giveaway!
    My grandson and I have been finding and photographing a variety of insects and wildlife that live on our farm. Our newest mission has been sitting quietly and waiting to photograph a family of gray foxes. We print them out and make little booklets filled with pictures and information about each one.
    *Posted on FB and Twitter!

  5. Lori Mozdzierz says

    OMGoodness! I feel like a kid in a candy store with this awesome website :D
    So excited to share with family and friends!! Posted on my FB wall with link this morning.
    Going to have so much fun doing the activities with my grandsons!!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating such an wonderful tool for fun in learning!!!

  6. kirri says

    Happy BDay WF4K! What a gorgeous round up post and way to celebrate – It’s a pure, fun visual feast and a personal reminder of your creative talents. You’re such a smarty pants Pen!!

  7. Kim m says

    We all went for a walk through the rainforest at the glasshouse mountains, we were looking everywhere to see what little creatures we could see.

  8. tam childers says

    Wow I love this website so glad I just discovered it. We found a bird had built a nest under our porch and each day I would take my son (only 2) to see it and look at the progress of the baby birds. It was good for him to see the mother bird and how she watched out for her babies, and seeing them change as they grew. He loved to go see them everyday and always asked to go. He is definatley getting a love for wildlife.

  9. says

    Congratulations on getting to one year! Well done! I can only hope that when I reach my one year that I have as many fond memories, great friendships and internet love as you have!!

    I love that you have summarised your popular posts as part of the celebration – its a great idea and I’ve particularly enjoyed it as I am a bit of a newbie blogger!!

    I’ve liked you on facebook! :)

    The things I’ve done to appreciate wildlife this year would be to visit the Tahune Air Walk – a MUST for anyone who really wants to be a part of nature! It is one of the reasons why I am so happy to be Tasmanian because its so close! I’ve also spent a lot of time feeding the ducks at the pond! Sounds so simple but it really is so joyous! My favourite was in January when there were little ducklings – is there anything so cute as a duckling following its mother?! When I was pregnant it made me SO happy!! :)

  10. Michelle V says

    We have recently returned from a trip to Alice Springs and whilst we were there, we took the kids to a desert park and they learnt so much about wildlife, Australian fauna, and they had Aboriginal speakers and displays. It was really fantastic.

  11. Melinda says

    Three times a year we head from Melbourne to Noosa to see my parents. At their property my children enjoy wild turkeys, feeding the kookaburras as well as the most amazing beautiful coloured birds. But the most special treat of all is feeding the possums. These possums are so friendly, they are even out in the daylight. My step mother rescues wild animals from roadside accidents. Cares for them, then let’s them back into the wild. Only problem is she feeds them all to well, so they never leave home. It is really amazing to see it little possum eyes pop out of their tree boxes in the daylight. The kids think its fantastic.

  12. Debs says

    Congratulations on 1 year of fabulous blogging and thank you for everything you contribute for people. We are about to embark on a trip to Bali and will be making animals a huge part of our trip. We are even staying at a safari resort! We are always careful to choose places that work on conservation efforts and are about the proper treatment of adults. We also live close to Healesville Sanctuary here in VIC and love seeing all the native animals there and learning about how they are taken care of and what we can do to help.

    Keep up the great work!! :) (ps- sharing on FB)

  13. says

    You have such super great posts about wildlife :-) And what a fabulous giveaway!! My kids and I like to go on walks and talk about what animal sounds we can hear, and see what tracks we can see :-) And they love it when we spot a kangaroo or kookaburra.

  14. says

    Happy Blogaversary!!!

    Thanks for writing such a great blog… my big girls have used some of your information at school and their teacher was very impressed by your site!

    Lately we’ve all gone a bit bird mad at our place. All the rain, all the grass and all the mice means that we have lots of birds of prey around and we’ve spent some time trying to photograph the two types we have on our property, as well as draw them, so that we can identify them. According to the bird book we borrowed it looks like we have a ‘Little Eagle’ and a pair of Grey Shouldered Kites all wheeling around and diving down into the grass. They are sooo cool to watch!

  15. says

    Hi – I follow through google reader and have also just become a FB fan.

    Enjoyed some of the favourite posts listed as there were a couple i had not read. Downloaded the dice to make for my kids as they are at the age now that they would no doubt really enjoy that game {2.5 & 1.5}

    I am an Aussie married to a Japanese man living in Japan so it is really important to me to be teaching my children about Australian culture and wildlife. Some things we have done for wildlife appreciation recently is pointing out animals we see/noises they make. We also had another Steve Parish sticker and colouring book that my mum sent over that my older son LOVED. I also have plans to make a birdseed feeder to put in our garden and I will get the boys to help me with this- we just moved into the house several months ago and it is summer here now so lots of wildlife around that we love to explore.

  16. says

    This is an incredible collection of ideas and goodies! We have been spending a lot out of doors. Our favorite has to be the feather book we made. WE have been collecting feathers around the area and made them into a book. Our prized feather? From a rainbow lorikeet!

  17. Ali says

    Happy Birthday. I am fairly new to your blog and I really love it. I have just been going through some of the posts you have listed, I love the underwater playroom decorations and much more. My kids would love your prize pack. I will keep my fingers crossed.
    Recently, we let a huge huntsman spider live above my computer for a week before I finally broke down and asked my partner to re-locate it to the back of the garden – which he did with a bucket and piece of paper. I had to work on my fear of spiders and encourage the kids to think of spiders as our friends because they are good for our garden ecosystem.

  18. says

    Happy 1 year Anniversary! What a wonderful giveaway. My son loves animals and he is especially fond of frogs. We’ve studied frogs in great detail, their various habitats, life cycle, etc We also spot crabs and star fish on our trips to the beach and we love our walks to our local creek where there is an amazing bower bird nest.

  19. Jessie Hay says

    We visited Australia Zoo and watched their show in the Crocoseum. They loved it and learnt more about our native wildlife while having fun. It was an exchausting but enjoyable day :)

  20. TC says

    Working for a Museum, I am lucky enough to be surrounded by wildlife and had the opportunity to take my two young children in exploring the vast variety of animals and in educating them as well. TW and FB liked !

  21. Kay Steele says

    My Family Day Care children and I studied the life-cycle of frogs. We made a big poster, learned “The Tadpole’s Lament” and looked at different species of Australian frogs. We also take notice of the birds that visit the backyard. Recently we have lost a lot of the linings of the hanging baskets as the birds are taking it presumably to line their nests.

  22. says

    Appreciating nature is a way of life for our family, we are wildlife biologists and have a two-year-old son who loves to go birdwatching and exploring nature with us-something we do every free weekend we get. One thing we are doing specifically to increase wildlife appreciation is to support our local Winter Bird Festival by leading field trips and holding workshops, both for adults and children. I’ve also been involved in helping with a public library “Get Out” program where we are encouraging children to go out and explore nature and learn about wildlife.
    Thanks for the great activities you share on your site, and thanks for this great giveaway!

  23. says

    Happiest of happy birthdays to you and your blog! We are always aware of the wildlife that reside in our own backyard as we live in the country. We have changed our fencing to stop the roos from hurting themselves as they make their twice daily trek through our back yard. They were constantly catching on the wire fencing and although we never saw any that had been hurt, it can’t have been good for them if the wire was snapping.

  24. says

    My Kidlets and I planted some beautiful flowers.
    It was lovely spending the day with our hands in the soil, while explaining to them all (aged 3, 2, and 9 weeks) the importance of loving nature, and treating it the way you’d love to be treated.
    Everyday they get watered, sat in the sunshine, and sang to, and I am pleased to report, they are still thriving, after a month! :)

  25. JenK says

    My kiddos *love* wildlife. :) I’ve been teaching them (ages 3.5 and almost 5) about birds a lot this year. They have their own binoculars, and we go out to the bay near our house and look for birds. They are able to identify a number of birds by sight and sound now. They especially love owls, so I ordered some owl pellets this week for us to dissect together.

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