Christmas Cookies on the Wild Side

Christmas baking for kidsDo you want an easy activity to do with the kids during the lead up to Christmas? Do you want something tasty to eat too?

My mum used to spread icing over my milk arrowroot biscuits for special occasions and what’s a better occasion then Christmas?  So, I set out to make my own with Miss Possum yesterday. We decorated our biscuits with Christmas trees and stars but we ended up with quite a few animals too, so we wanted to share them with you and encourage you to make your own.

Christmas activity for kids

What you need:

  • milk arrowroot biscuits (or plain biscuits)
  • Ingredients to make icing sugar/frosting (icing sugar, butter and milk)
  • Decoration treats: we used M&Ms and edible shiny balls
  • Piping bag

It’s a nice easy activity for the kids and it’s perfect for younger or older children. Miss Possum had no problems spreading the icing sugar over the biscuit but she did struggle with the piping. I piped the shapes and she decorated the biscuits with the M&Ms and decorative balls.

She was so proud of her creations. I was proud of our creations! It was a nice, easy activity to get into the spirit of Christmas. They were yummy too!

easy christmas cookies

What animal would you put on a Christmas biscuit?


Want more edible animals? Check out our wildlife pikelets!

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  1. kirri says

    You girls did a great job! We’re all about kittens in our house at the moment so I quite fancy the idea of making xmas kittens.

    • Penny says

      I bet you have a creative side Jode! I loved icing arrowroot biscuits. I’m so glad Miss Possum and the Twinkles will get to experience them.

    • Penny says

      I think that’s one of my favourites. I wasn’t sure I could pull a polar bear off to be honest but he worked out quite well.

    • Penny says

      Thanks Rachel. Yes, that what we try to do around here. Easy and fun. With three little girls under five it has to be or Mum would be cleaning up after them all day!

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