Outdoor and Exploratory Toys at the Target Toy Sale!

GIVEAWAY TARGETI read toy catalogues in a different way from most people. When I get the Target Toy sale catalogue in my hot little hand, I run inside like any excited mother would,  and open it. I by-pass the plastic dolls, big named brand toys and jump straight to the really good stuff in the middle – the outdoor and exploratory section.

Target has a great reputation for its outdoor items, I’d be the first to recommend a trampoline.  Not only is it good to jump on (fancy that!) but we’ve used it in a few wonderful outdoor learning activities too. We’ve played our animal classification game on it and I’ve even let the kids go chalk mad drawing animal on it too! Trampolines are more versatile than you think.

.Drawing animals Drawing on the Trampoline

My favourites in the catalogue are:

Wet/Dry Field Kit

This is by far my favourite gift for children who love wildlife and love to explore.  It has a heap of goodies in this pack but it also has a laser bug vacuum. A laser bug vacuum!  How cool is that?! Perfect for Miss Platypus, who’s taken to picking up spiders with her fingers. Not good! The Wet/Dry Field Kit will hopefully solve that problem!
53545787-Wet Dry field kit

Cyclops bikes

We do forest bush walking and forest picnics but I’d love get bikes for the twins so that we can go for a forest bike ride soon too! If we get these ones I think we’ll stand out in the bush. Big and bright!53590312-30CM alloy girls bike

53561992-CLO66K T-REX SKELETONT-Rex Skeleton

Can you imagine your child constructing their own 3D T-Rex dinosaur skeleton? My girls may be slightly too young for this but if you have an older child, I really think this would go down well on Christmas morning! I’m hoping they’ll be one in the catalogue in the next couple of years too, or perhaps I should get it and save it for then.

Disney Doc McStuffins doctors bag set

I had to highlight this doctor set. Remember, it doesn’t have to be used just as a doctor set but  it can be very handy for vet play too!

Rock Painting book and kit

This one was hidden with some other craft books but just because it’s hiding doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have found it! I like to look closely as to not miss any good deals. I’ve been looking to paint on some rocks with the girls as a nature craft activity and this will make it so much easier. I’m really looking forward to seeing the kit at the shops.

Am I weird for jumping to my favourite section of the Target Toy Sale catalogue first? Do you read your catalogues from the middle or do you scour it from front to back or back to front?


The Target Toy Sale runs for three weeks from Wednesday the 26th June 2013 both in stores all over Australia and online.

This is a sponsored post and I have received a voucher from Target to write this post but as my disclosure page states, all opinions are my own and payment hasn’t influenced my voice. I do genuinely love Target and I hand-picked these toys from the catalogue as my favourites, and yes I’ll be buying a couple of them when the toy sale begins!

I’m so happy that Target are sharing some freebies with you too! I have one  $50 Target gift voucher to giveaway. Yippee! I love giving you guys freebies. All you have to do is comment below and you’re in a draw. You can also add one more entry if you visit the Target Toy Sale Catalogue too. Easy? Easy!

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  1. Sharon Norris says

    Now that I’ve moved to live in a remote comunity, just wishing there was a big department store like target in town. Alas, online shopping for people like me.

  2. says

    I always jump to to that exact same part of the catalogue Penny! Loving that laser bug vacumn…how cool is that? I’m looking to get some of those bikes for the twins too…can’t believe they are nearly at that stage! I would use the voucher to keep stocking our book collection and then a few new little trucks for our rock quarry would be fab!

  3. Jennifer says

    What a great kit for young bug enthusiasts .. We don’t receive the catalogue here but it made me want to look it up online ……thanks for the heads up

  4. TrinaB says

    I tend to read the whole catalogue first, then go back and circle all of my favourites! Great picks Penny! I’ve seen that field kit too and thought it was fa, so I’d definitely get one of those – and I’d have to get a Pokemon – my boys are mad for them ;)

  5. says

    Being the massive kid that I am, I’d spend it on dvd and videos and if I’m feeling extra childish maybe another pillow pet xD

  6. Fee Rowaro says

    I can’t wait for the toy sales this year! These will be my first as a mum. Bub turns 1 next month. Can’t wait to get him some exciting toys for when he starts to walk and explore more.

  7. says

    I am the same! I love looking at the outdoor toys, the climbing frame they have this year looks like something my girls would be all over (literally) :D

  8. says

    I was so excited this morrning too when I saw the Target catalogue. My Little Miss 3 and I sat down together at morning tea and had a look through. We both pointed out things we liked….not sure how I missed the field kit, that does look pretty cool!

    Cool giveaway

  9. claire evans says

    monster high, its cheap in the sale and makes great pressies for the year and my daughter just loves her ghoulfriends

  10. Jules says

    I always grab the Target Toy Catalogues and skip all the pink pages. The stuff that is directed specifically at little girls and mimics the pink toy aisles in all the major department stores becomes a blur to me that I avoid at all costs (unless I’m looking for a baby doll). The outdoor stuff is usually in the very last aisle and so it is with the catalogues – give kids fresh air and outdoor activities and you have happy kids.

  11. Stephanie Veljanovska says

    My Son was just looking at the Toy Sale items and There is Plenty of Toys in there I would Love to Buy Him.

  12. sapna says

    I will buy Fisher-Price Cruise and Groove Ballapalooza for my one year old so that he can play with lots of balls and I can have my tea while its warm.

  13. Kim m says

    My daughter loves making and inventing things, so I would get her a big box of crafty things and she could go to town making all sorts of things, it would be like heaven for her!!!

  14. Renèe says

    I’d get the kiddos some winter warm pjs & be happy to browse for awhile, target is only new in our town.

  15. says

    We have the laser bug sucker too, and you’re right, it is so cool! Very gentle, too. It’s sometimes hard for 6-year-old hands to pick up delicate bugs!

  16. K McKinlay says

    I have been looking at that Dinosaur for my little 5 (who will be 6) by Xmas. I love getting her stuff that isn’t your usual kind of stuff. She would love to be a paleontologist so I’m going to encourage it as much as I can.

  17. S Armstrong says

    I would use it to buy some craft supplies like the Rock Painting book and kit
    My daughters love crafting.

  18. Katrina says

    I love the toy catologues. I tend to read from front to back. Put it down anc omc eback later and read back to front. Put it down come back later with a pen and mark what I want for my child in one colour and others for presents for another. My mother used to have a present cupboard when I was growing up, so when we sprang a party on her (no doubt the invitation had been in my bag for a week or more) she woudl have something on hand to give the little person. I use the toy sales to try and stock up my own present cupboard for the coming year.

  19. Rachel T says

    So much to choose from! I think I’ve been inspired by your post but I’d choose to get two of the Little Tikes lawnmowers, one for each of my kids (3 and 17 months) so they can help me when I mow the lawn. Yep, I do the lawn mowing here!!

  20. says

    I love toy sale catalogues. I spend hours deciding what my two year old might like – so much to choose from and with a birthday coming up, $50 to spend at Target would be awesome!

  21. Deb O says

    I’d use the target giftcard on dress ups for
    my grandchildren. I love how dress ups provide a direction of play but
    leave it up to their imagination to tell the story.

  22. says

    I’m another one who goes for outdoor toys. I’d put it towards a trampoline – they have fun for hours, weeks, months and years with those!

  23. says

    I can’t go past that wet/dry field kit! Wow, that is awesome. All my little nature lovers would love that. But Little Miss 8 would be ecstatic. She has a little treasure box at the moment, with cicada shells and butterfly wings and special little rocks she has found. Thanks for this giveaway.

  24. Liz says

    I love the dinosaur model too, and I always go to the lego pages first – you can never have too much lego!
    Great blog

  25. Melissa o says

    I have my eye some great craft supplies Target have as part of the sale. Perfect for my budding artist

  26. Michelle V says

    I’d actually use it to buy gifts to place under the Wishing Tree at Christmas.
    We are blessed with so much already, so it’d be nice to know someone else would be thrilled with a gift!

  27. Carolyn says

    My little girls have been sharing a bike so I would buy a bigger bike and helmet for my eldest so they can both ride outside together.

  28. tanya spethman says

    I would definatly get a wet dry field kit. My 6 year old loves all things bugs so that would be great for him

  29. Lisa says

    Have just come back from the Target VIP toy sale tonight, spent a heap, would love a voucher to go and buy some more, you can never have too much Lego.

  30. Wendy Hatton says

    My youngest grandson would love a bike so he can do what the big kids do. Getting outside and going fast are pretty popular activities too!

  31. Gemma Westacott Blair says

    I’d buy some knee and elbow pads for my daughter for when she’s riding her scooter. She’s had a few near miss moments if late and lost a bit if her confidence. I think extra safety gear would help get her back scooting! (Hubby could do with a helmet too, given that he’s actually taken a tumble off his scooter in the lat week!! He’s really my ‘third child’ lol)

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