Frog Activities for kids


Frog Mask Fun

Download this frog mask and hop about the place. Children love acting like frogs. Read more…





Frog Egg Craft

Who would have thought you could have so much fun with bubbles! Read more…





Camping to get Closer to Nature

Imagine the wildlife you see when you go camping! Going camping gets you and your family close to nature and close to wildlife. Read more…




Raising Tadpoles into Fine Young Frogs

Learning about amphibians is so interesting. Watching them transform in front of your eyes is even better. Read more…




Wildlife Footprint Fun in Five Ways

Use these five footprint templates in five different ways. Click here to read more.





Top Wildlife Songs 4 Kids

This is a list of some wonderful wildlife Songs. Watch and sing along to them, they may just become your favourites! Are yours on the list? Click here to find out.




Camping at Home, Wildlife Education and Stuffed Toy Fun

Is it too cold to go camping? Why not set up at home and use your stuffed toys for wildlife spotting during bush walking and night spotting.  You can teach your child about diurnal and nocturnal wildlife too! Read more…




Wildlife Movement Dice: Draw out your Inner Animal

Jump, hop, slither and fly like an animal. Don’t forget the noises too! Have some fun finding your inner animal through this wildlife movement dice (free printable). Download and find out more here.




 More coming soon

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