Insect Activities for Kids


Cement Scavengers: The Ant Experiment

What food do ants like best? Do this experiment and find out. Free experiment template included. Read more…




Pets for Kids : Keeping Crickets as Pets

Keeping Crickets as Pets

Crickets always appear in a hurry, makes beautiful sounds that put you to sleep at night and they’re really fun to watch but there are plenty of other reasons why they make great pets. Read more



Lay a Sheet and Shake a Tree

A fun, simple activity that takes two minutes to prepare but leaves you with an afternoon of bug discovery. Great for all ages. Click here to read more




Hunting for Antlions

Hunting for antlions can be fascinating and by taking the time to watch them you can learn what they eat, how they capture their prey and how they make their trap. But best of all, you can hold them too! Read more…



Build Your Wild Self

This website will engage children in a land of make-believe, allowing them to become a new kind of wild creature by adding their different animal features to a boy or girl body (website review). Read more…




Attracting Moths – Replace Beauty for the Beast

Many parents will point out a colourful butterfly flitting past on its daily pollination rounds, but moths often fly by unnoticed. Why not attract some moths and see how amazing they can really be? Click here to read more.




Camping to get Closer to Nature

Imagine the wildlife you see when you go camping! Going camping gets you and your family close to nature and close to wildlife. Read more…




Mealworms as Pets: I the classroom or at home

Mealworms as Pets

It may appear that I’m suggesting you keep maggots as pets (mealworms do look quite similar) but mealworms are in fact quite different and a very educational companion animal.  Read more



What’s Slimey, Tiny and Glow out of its Hiney?

Visiting a glow worm cave is a fascinating experience. Firstly, it allows children to get up-close to the little larvae and see them in proportion (I honesty thought they were the size of an earthworm); it encourages wonderful scientific discussions about their glowing butt and it allows children to experience an unusual type of wildlife species. Read more…



Wildlife Piklets

Great for recognising animal shapes, a nice afternoon tea or party idea. Plus kids love them! Read more about how to make them here.




Seven Homely Ways to have Fun with Wildlife Caves

Sometimes it’s not easy to get out into a wildlife habitat when a child’s interest is piqued. There’s always great alternatives and creating a wildlife habitat at home is one of them. Read more…



Top Wildlife Songs 4 Kids

This is a list of some wonderful wildlife Songs. Watch and sing along to them, they may just become your favourites! Are yours on the list? Click here to find out.




Minibeats: Ten Bugs, One Tree

A little creature reminded me to tell you to look at the bark of a tree for signs of life. Here you will find creatures galore and learning aplenty. Read more…




Spider Web Games and Activities

(Including Spider and Fly/butterfly mask printables)

Some great spider web activities for pretend play! Read more…




More coming soon


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