Free Animal Printables

Wildlife Fun 4 Kids support the use of paper made from sustainable regrowth forests or 100% recycled paper


T-Rex Mask

 Dinosaur Mask Printables

Three popular dinosaur masks to choose from. A tyrannosaurus, Triceratops and Stegosaurus . Get into some prehistoric play with your little ones! Read more



Animal Fun with Paper StrawsAnimal party idea

Just for fun or a special occasion, these add on for paper straws makes for more dramatic drinking. They come as a printable with shark, warthog, snake and lion. Read More



What to do with toddler paintings

Turn Paintings into Wildlife Art

If your children are anything like mine, then you probably have heaps of artwork hanging around the house. What do you do with all those toddler paintings though? You make wildlife art! Read more



koala bookmarkFree Animal Bookmarks for Kids

Download and print these animal bookmarks for your children. There’s a seal, lady beetle, koala and turtle. Read more




Spider Mask

Pretending to be a spider can be so much fun for children. It helps children to understand spiders and their predatory ways but also teaches them about webs too! Read more…




Wildlife Movement Dice: Draw out your Inner Animal

Jump, hop, slither and fly like an animal. Don’t forget the noises too! Have some fun finding your inner animal through this wildlife movement dice (free printable). Download and find out more here.




 Frog Mask Fun

Download this frog mask and hop about the place. Children love acting like frogs. Read more…





Wildlife Footprint Fun in Five Ways

Use these five footprint templates in five different ways. Click here to read more.





 Bilby Mask

Share these ten bilby activities with your children to encourage awareness of the Bilby for National Bilby Day (free bilby mask printable). To download and read more click here.




Puppet Play – Australian Animals

Learning about wildlife through play so much fun. Print these  free Australian wildlife finger puppets and get playing (free printable). Download




Butterfly mask Butterfly/Fly mask for buggy fun!

Need a mask for  a butterfly or fly costume? Well you’ve come to the right place. Cut it out, twirl the tongue, put it on your child’s head and you’re done! Read more




Koala Mask Fun!

You can dress like a koala with this free koala mask. Also, you can learn to bellow like a koala too! Download




Fish craft activity
Fish Template for Fish Craft

This is a fish template to help you create anything fishy. We  used it for a month-long process of planning, creating and pretending to make a sea playroom. We had so much fun creating our underwater land. Read more…



Wombat unitWombat Mask

When a child is interested in an animal, it’s an invitation for great learning and fun play! Take a look at our journey where we learnt about wombats through play. Read More



glow worm craftWhat’s Slimey, Tiny and Glows out of its Hiney?

A glow worm does of course! Get into some glow worm craft by cutting out this printable and stringing up the glow worm web too! Download here




Dinosaur Gift Box Free Printables

Dinosaur Gift Box Idea

What gift do you buy a child who loves dinosaurs? Well, there’s plenty of wonderful dinosaur gift ideas out there but I preferred to make my own funky dinosaur gift box and then fill it with dino goodies this year. You can make one just like it! Read more



Wildlife rhymesWildlife Nursery Rhymes

One of the best ways babies can be introduced to wildlife is through nursery rhymes. These simple little songs are an easy way to create a connection between your child and the natural world (free printable included). Download here




Free Christmas Gift Tag printable Wildlife Christmas Gift Tags

Use these beautiful Chistmas tags on your gifts this Christmas. Print it out, past it on cardboard (we used a recyled cereal box) and cut them out. Beautiful and easy! Download here 




Playing Vet for Kids: Free Printable Resources

Vet Play: Free Printable Resources

Children seem naturally drawn to helping animals. I always see their caring nature show through when telling  a story about an injured animal who came through our wildlife hospital at work.  Continue that connection at home by playing vet. Free printable resources available. Read more




Candy Cane Christmas Clingers christmas decorations

Candy canes are always a good choice when decorating the house or the Christmas tree. They are festive and they’re yummy! These holders are just another way to display candy canes a little differently, and of course I want to bring a little bit of wildlife fun into your Christmas decorations too. Download here




Put the pencils down! Colour With Nature instead!

 Colour with Nature- Free Animal Templates

Put those colouring pencils down! Today you’ll colour with nature instead! Free printable animal templates to get you started colouring with nature. Read more




Classification printableClassification Printable

 Match the animal with the its classification with this cute classification printable. Download here





 Fur Feathers and Scales Printable

 This is a versatile print out that can be used creating body covering rubbings, collage, or even just as a colouring in page. Download here




Help Orangutans

 Kids Acting for Orangutans

Let your children help save orangutans by allowing them to download and colour these postcards (free template). Send them off to a business that’s still using palm oil in its products. Please help save this beautiful and so, so vulnerable species. Read more




Common Bird Printables

When I list birds like the ibis, crow, magpie and plover, most people would know what they all have in common – annoying habits and behaviours that irritate the community. But these common birds can teach us a lot (free printable puppets). Read more…



More coming soon!



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