Reptile Activities for Children


snake poisenTeach your Child to be Snake Safe

This is a play-based and snake friendly way to help teach your children to be snake safe. Don’t scare your children to keep them safe, play with them instead! Read more…



Dinosaur Gift Box Free Printables

Dinosaur Gift Box Idea

What gift do you buy a child who loves dinosaurs? Well, there’s plenty of wonderful dinosaur gift ideas out there but I preferred to make my own funky dinosaur gift box and then fill it with dino goodies this year. You can make one just like it! Read more



Build Your Wild Self

This website will engage children in a land of make-believe, allowing them to become a new kind of wild creature by adding their different animal features to a boy or girl body (website review). Read more…




Eight Great Ways to Appreciate Snakes

It’s starting to warm up here in Australia and that means that snakes are becoming more active. Don’t all shudder when I say that! I love snakes and believe they are very misunderstood creatures. Here’s what you can do to appreciate snakes. Read more…



Recycled CD Critters

Recycle old CDs into beautiful wildlife garden/decoration hangers. Read more…




Wildlife Movement Dice: Draw out your Inner Animal

Jump, hop, slither and fly like an animal. Don’t forget the noises too! Have some fun finding your inner animal through this wildlife movement dice (free printable). Download and find out more here.




T-Rex Mask

 Dinosaur Mask Printables

Three popular dinosaur masks to choose from. A tyrannosaurus, Triceratops and Stegosaurus . Get into some prehistoric play with your little ones! Read more




Wildlife Pikelets

Great for recognising animal shapes, a nice afternoon tea or party idea plus kids love them! Read more about how to make them here.




Camping at Home, Wildlife Education and Stuffed Toy Fun

Is it too cold to go camping? Why not set up at home and use your stuffed toys for wildlife spotting during bush walking and night spotting.  You can teach your child about diurnal and nocturnal wildlife  too! Read more…




Top Ten Dinosaur Activities 4 Kids

Toddlers love dinosaurs and having a whole bunch of dino activities up your sleeve is essential.  Make dinosaur fossils, play with dinosaurs and get into some paleontologist play! Click here to read more.




Puppet Play Part One – Australian Animals

Learning about wildlife through play is so much fun. Print these free Australian wildlife finger  puppets and get playing (free printable). To read and download the puppet printable click here.




Wildlife Hand Art

We came across some beautiful hand painting by Guido Daniele and couldn’t help but try our own. Check them out, his work is stunning! Click here to see this post.




There’s a Sea in my Playroom

Sometimes even TV time can start a month-long process of planning, creating and pretending. We had so much fun creating our underwater land. Make this one all about turtles! Read more…




Wildlife Footprint Fun in Five Ways

Use these five footprint templates in five different ways. Click here to read more.




Why I showed my Four Year Old a Dead Sea Turtle

Nearing World Animal Day, we couldn’t have had a more stunning wildlife experience during our holiday on Moreton Bay. But while out exploring wildlife, we came across a sight that was sad and startling for Miss Possum and I didn’t shield her eyes but instead helped to open them. Read more…



Animal and wildlife rice activity Magic Wildlife Rice

This magical rice play is so easy to do, you’ll love it! All you need is some coloured rice and a glue stick and your ready to go! Read more…




animal bean bags How to make Animal Bean Bags

This is a very basic template to help you make these Animal Bean bags for your children. It’s really simple. Decorate it with some buttons and viola, fun bean bags or even a heat pack for children – animal themed! Read more…




Hop, Stick and Jump into Animal Classification

Really fun ways to introduce animal classification to children! Read more…




Fur Feather and Scale Activities

A nice number of fur, feather and scale activities for children. Animal body covering rubbings, collages and investigation. Read more…




Wildlife photographyGive your Kid a Camera to ger Closer to Nature

Giving your child a camera in a wildlife-rich environment (like a zoo or duck park) allows them to explore the wonders of nature around them, focus on reptiles they hadn’t noticed before and develops wildlife appreciation. Read more…


More coming soon

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