Spider Activities for Kids

How to Make a Spider Web Obstacle Course

I’ve wanted to make a spider web obstacle course for quite some time but I kept pushing it to the bottom of the list because I wasn’t sure how to tackle it. Now that spring is here, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to spend more time in the backyard. Read more…



Lay a Sheet and Shake a Tree

A fun, simple activity that takes two minutes to prepare but leaves you with an afternoon of bug discovery. Great for all ages. Click here to read more




Minibeats: Ten Bugs, One Tree

A little creature reminded me to tell you to look at the bark of a tree for signs of life. Here you will find creatures galore and learning aplenty. Read more…




spider web craftMake a Spider Web using Nature

It’s lovely to make crafts out of nature. That’s exactly what we did. Learn how to make this nature spider web too! Read more




Halloween Icecream DessertSpider Dessert Decorations

Here’s an easy way to make spider dessert decorations and as you’ll see below, they can be used in a variety of ways. Read more




Camping to get Closer to Nature

Imagine the wildlife you see when you go camping! Going camping gets you and your family close to nature and close to wildlife. Read more…




 Spider Web Games and Activities

(Including Spider and Fly mask printables)

Some great spider web activities for pretend play! Read more… 


More coming soon

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